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Amsolen | Thermostable, acid tolerant bacterial alpha-amylase for starch liquefaction

Amsolen is a starch hydrolysing enzyme specially designed for its use in sugar industry. The enzyme is produced from a specially selected strain of Bacillus licheniformis. The enzyme does not require additional calcium addition for optimisation of result in standard conditions of usage. Main activity of the enzyme is based on a thermostable, acid tolerant ?-amylase (1,4-?-D-glucan-glucanohydrolase: EC

Aim of Treatment
Amsolen eliminates starch in a most effective method in sugar juice processing. Removal of starch in cane sugar processing increases the factory capacity, the product yield and product quality. The elimination of starch in the juice at the evaporators will reduce the content of starch in sugar A and as a result decrease the purity and increase the starch content of the final molasses and consequently lead to an increase in the filtration and crystallization rates.

Product and Effect
As an endo-enzyme Amsolen hydrolyses 1,4-?-D-glycosidic bonds within the starch molecule. Products formed hereby are ?-limit dextrins and oligosaccharides.

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